Sussex ENT: Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery
Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust
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This is an operation which is performed to correct deformities such as bends or twists of the nasal septum that are casuing blockage inside the nose. This deformity may just be the way the septum has grown or may have arisen as a result of nasal injury. Deformities may end up blocking one or both sides of the nose. Septoplasty aims to correct these bends or twists. The operation is carried out under general anaesthetic. A cut is made on the inside surface of a nostril and through this the deformed cartilage and possibly bone are removed. The septum is then able to return to its middle position opening both nasal passageways and improving breathing.

There is a risk of a nose bleed which may require further treatment and also risk of gaining an infection. In approximately 1% of cases the shape of the nose may change in profile. Another rare complication is that of a hole forming in the septum, this can usually be corrected at a later stage. It is also important to note that surgery does not guarantee the resolution of symptoms.