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Vocal Hygiene

  1. Drink plenty of liquid (not including tea, coffee, alcohol or fizzy drink). Aim to have 8-10 drinks per day

  2. Get enough sleep, as being tired will affect your voice in the same way that it would affect any muscular performance.

  3. Eat regular meals and try to eat a balanced diet.

  4. Avoid irritants such as spicy foods, tobacco, smoky places, excessive dust, alcohol.

  5. Avoid eating late at night as this encourages indigestion, which may affect the voice.

  6. Keep your bedroom and lounge humidified appropriately. If you have central heating on this dries the atmosphere. Put a bowel of water near radiators or a damp towel on them

  7. Do Not suck medicated lozenges unless you have a "sore" throat. These numb the throat allowing you to do more damage the menthol also has a drying effect

  8. To keep mouth moist suck ordinary pastilles or chew gum.


If you have an acute infection try to:

  1. Increase your fluid intake

  2. Take steam inhalation twice a day (with nothing added to it)

  3. Rest the voice or use it as gently as possible but Do Not Whisper

  4. Do Not gargle with aspirin

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